Quick Billing

Benefits and Features

UDENZPAY QuickBilling is an innovative invoicing solution designed for dental professionals who require a swift and hassle-free method for generating and sending invoices to their clients. This user-friendly service offers a fixed rate, no hidden fees, and a fast 5-day transfer period.

Fixed Rate

UDENZPAY QuickBilling provides a transparent and fixed rate for each transaction, eliminating any unexpected costs or fluctuating fees.

No hidden fees

The service ensures there are no surprise charges or additional costs, giving dental professionals peace of mind and simplifying financial management.

5 days transfer

UDENZPAY QuickBilling guarantees a rapid transfer of funds, with payment processing and transfer to the clinic's account completed within just 5 business days.

Usage Guides

To utilize UDENZPAY QuickBilling for generating and sending instant invoices, follow these simple steps:


Visit the UDENZPAY website and navigate to the QuickBilling page.


Provide the necessary information, including the dentist’s name, clinic name, contact details, and treatment or service provided to the client.


Upload a copy of the clinic license as verification of the dental professional’s credentials and clinic registration.


Input the payment amount and select the preferred payment method for the client (e.g., credit/debit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer).


Generate the invoice, which will automatically include the relevant transaction details, clinic information, and the chosen payment method.


Send the invoice directly to the client’s email address or mobile number, providing them with a quick and easy method to complete the payment.


Monitor the payment status on the UDENZPAY QuickBilling page and receive a notification once the client’s payment is successfully processed.


Receive the transferred funds to the clinic’s account within 5 business days, ensuring fast access to revenue and improved cash flow management.